Friday, January 29, 2010


Hallo Freinds,

There are number of definations of friends and there are number of expectations that how the true friend should be. Many of us wants number of friends and many of us want few but true friends. Many people believe that every man can have only one real friend. Overall concept of friend changes head to head. Everyone should have his different view. I think every friendship demands time. It may be year, it may be month, week, day or few minutes also. It takes time to bind the bonds of friendship. To mainten friendship your friend expect you to give some time. If your friends thinks that you do not have time for him, that may breaks the friendship. Your friends also wants you to tell him all the important things happening with you. If you are not doing it, your friend may hurt by it. Ex: You got a new job and you forget to tell him, he get news from onather one, it will hurt him lot. So to mainten friendship you are require to understant the expectations of your friend from you.

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